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Phoenix Aralinks® eLearning System

Our Phoenix Aralinks® eLearning System features holistic programs — Teachnology, Hub, and NextGen School — to  help you effectively integrate technology into the curriculum, extending learning in powerful ways. Through Phoenix Aralink’s dynamic and successful synthesis of pedagogy, technology, and learning spaces, we let you create an active, flexible, and collaborative learning environment where students develop the skills they need for work and for life.

Be part of the Phoenix Aralinks® learning revolution!

Aralinks eBooks

While most eBooks only provide you digital copies of your print books, Aralinks eBooks are here to prove there’s more to using eBooks in class than merely browsing through the pages. Aralinks eBooks are equipped with interactive features, including varied assessment types for the different exercises found in your textbooks, making it easy for you to upgrade the way digital books are used in the classroom.

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(02) 375-1640 local 172 or Toll Free: 1.800.10.PHOENIX

Aralinke eBooks Infographic
Aralinke eBooks Infographic
Aralinke eBooks Infographic

Download the Aralinks eReader.

Find out why Aralinks eBook is not your typical eBook!

Assessment Tools

We at Global Resources for Assessment Curriculum and Evaluation, Inc. (GRACE) specialize in research and test development and focus on the use of summative and formative assessments, offering timely and quality evaluation tools to assist schools in measuring students’ performance.

We are driven to bring innovation and reform to improve the quality of Philippine education by delivering superior, relevant, and comprehensive assessment information.

Let us be your partner in gauging your students’ competence!

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